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The Children's Rights Council - Safe Child Access Centers for Parents

Marc Rovner, Attorney

Attorney Marc Rovner hails from East Rockaway, New York. For nearly two decades, he has served Beta Abstract LLC, a title insurance firm operating throughout the region. There, he is both general counsel and director of business development. Alongside his work as an attorney and executive, Marc Rovner supports charitable organizations such as the Children's Rights Council, which honored him with its Man of the Year award in 2004.

The Children's Rights Council offers an abundance of resources to families across 12 states, many of whom are navigating divorces or custody disputes. The nonprofit seeks to help parents co-parent effectively even when they are not getting along under the reasoning that children benefit from having both parents actively engaged in their lives.

In order to facilitate the safe and peaceful transfer of children from one parent to another, the Children's Rights Council runs 40 child access centers in the communities it serves. These neutral locations allow parents to drop off and pick up their children in a safe environment. They also provide opportunities for supervised visitation, allowing parents to maximize their presence in their children's lives during times of parental conflict.


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