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Elie Wiesel Commemorated in Romania

Marc Rovner

An accomplished attorney and a resident of East Rockaway, New York, Marc Rovner is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston University. While attending the university, Marc Rovner was a student of legendary writer and social activist Elie Wiesel.

Born in 1928 in Sighet, Romania, Elie Wiesel was forced into the Jewish ghettoes after Hungary’s annexation of Romania in 1940. Four years later, Wiesel’s family and the rest of the town’s Jewish population were sent to Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp in Poland.
Though most of Wiesel’s family died in the Holocaust, he went on to write numerous novels, essays, and other pieces about the event. Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, Wiesel is perhaps best known for his book Night, a slim volume that describes the horrors of life in Auschwitz. Wiesel died at age 87 in 2016.
On October 9, 2018, Holocaust Remembrance Day in Wiesel’s native country of Romania, the writer was honored with a memorial in the capital city of Bucharest. Located in a square named for Wiesel, the bust was unveiled in a ceremony that featured ambassadors from the United States and Israel as well as Romanian politicians and activists.

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