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Common Questions about Martindale-Hubbell’s Client Champion Award

Marc Rovner

For more than two decades, attorney Marc Rovner of East Rockaway, New York, has served as the director of business development and general counsel at BETA Abstract LLC, a New York-based title insurance company. An alumnus of Boston University School of Law, Marc Rovner of East Rockaway has earned several awards in recognition of his client service, including the Client Champion Award from Martindale-Hubbell.

Started in 1896, the client review and peer review ratings from Martindale-Hubbell have become the gold standard in attorney ratings. Client review ratings are used to help the organization determine its winners of the Client Champion Award, a designation given to attorneys who have excellent client service. Below are several common questions about these awards:
Do the awards last forever?
The Client Champion awards are not lifetime awards. Rather, Martindale-Hubbell analyzes client reviews from a two-year period to determine whether an attorney is eligible for an award. Each attorney is then reassessed two times per year and the organization will adjust these awards, if necessary.
Are attorneys informed of these changes?
Martindale-Hubbell always informs attorneys about changes in the Client Champion award status, regardless of whether that change is an increase or decrease in award levels. Fortunately, attorneys and law firms who consistently request client reviews are more likely to experience an increase in award level instead of a decrease.
How quickly are Client Champion awards given out?
Attorney ratings are displayed online in real time, so attorneys may receive a Client Champion award within a day of qualifying. For example, professionals must have at least six reviews with a 4.2 score or higher before receiving a Gold-level award. Within 24 hours of reaching this requirement, an award badge appears on their profile and professionals are free to download this award badge for display on their website or marketing materials.

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